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If you have an art related website and are interested in adding your art site to my links page do follows:
1. Copy and paste the html code below to your links page. Please have the reciprocal link to my website ready before submitting your link.
<a href="">Drawings</a> - Figurative
paintings and drawings by Siavash Mahvis, figurative paintings of the world
masters, figurative painters' works.

Or click here for banner links. If you use my graphic link on your website , I will add your banner to the link list. Please send me your graphic link by email or tell me where I can find it online. Your graphic banner shouldn't be bigger than 40 KB and the format should be about 280 x 60 pixels.
2. Send email to me with your name and email address, title of your website, basic description and your website URL (address). Also do not forget to include URL of the page, where I can see my link posted.
3. When I receive your letter, I will add your link to my link page.
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