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Together with the Chilean artist Oscar Villalón, he founds the headquartered Santa Feliciana No. 19, Chamberí, Madrid. From the Decinti & Villalón Painting Studio
Together with the Chilean artist Oscar Villalón, he founds the Decinti & Villalón Painting Studio based at 4 Calle del Castillo, Chamberí, Madrid where they give painting classes and strive to actively promote painting.
Together with the Chilean artist Oscar Villalón he founds the Solana 12 Painting Studio, where he regularly teaches courses in Madrid, Spain.
Pre-selected for the BMW Painting Prize.
Painting and drawing teacher at La Academia at the Chinchón and Madrid bases, where he collaborates with the digital image workshop.
He is awarded a Post-graduate scholarship from the Fundación Arte y Autores Contemporáneos (Art and Contemporary Painters’ Foundation).
He is awarded a degree in Plastic Arts in 1996.
He begins digital technology applied to design and art, obtaining first place in the “Arte en Vivo” painting competition organised by Librerías Nacional, KLM and the Royal Dutch Embassy.
He concentrates on research into painting materials and processes
He begins teaching on painting courses for the Federation of Chilean Students (FECH), over 9 years in Santiago de Chile, where he becomes a teacher of painting and drawing at:
La Cisterna Town Cultural Centre
La Florida Town Cultural Institute
English Community Social Club, Prince of Wales Country Club
Spanish Community Social Club, Estadio Español.
Israeli Community Social Club, Estadio Israelita Maccabi.
He is admitted to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile, being awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship in the 1991 admission process to Chilean universities.
He begins to learn oil painting
Alejandro Decinti was born in 1973 in Santiago de Chile.

Alejandro Decinti's Works