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Naturalist painter and portraitist, Adrian Gottlieb, was born in northeastern Vermont. He currently lives and paints from a studio in Southern California. By the age of 15, Gottlieb had already exhibited in the VT state capitol, and had been recognized by Vermont Governors Madeline Kunin and Howard Dean -- his painting of Vermont's Abenaki Indian Tribal Council was purchased by the University of Vermont for permanent exhibition. Gottlieb was chosen the first place national winner (painting and graphics category) of the 1993 Young Inventors and Creators of America Award - a competition designed and funded by the US Patents, Trademarks and Copyright Offices, and the US Library of Congress. His work was exhibited in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. While still a college undergraduate, Gottlieb sought Atelier study in Italy. Inspired by realist expression from an early age, he became increasingly aware of the dearth of training available through art colleges and university programs; hands-on methods and techniques had been rejected and removed from art education during the 20th century evolution of the modernist movement. In the study of studio art, conceptualization and verbal analysis had replaced the importance of creating a master-crafted and inspired work of fine art. He enhanced his university studies by attending Charles H. Cecil Studios Summer Intensive Programs for three summer terms earning RIT undergraduate credit in studio-art. Under the tutelage of American painter and art historian, Charles Cecil, Gottlieb was first exposed to the near lost drawing and painting techniques developed from the Renaissance through the early impressionist period. Following the 1998 Summer Intensive, Gottlieb pursued independent study in gross anatomy and anatomical drawing through a cooperative program between RIT and Rochester University Medical School. After completing his BFA in 1998, he immediately enrolled in the Intensive Drawing Program offered by the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Despite a long waiting list, Gottlieb was later invited to remain at the FAA and completed the Painting Program in December of 2001. Gottlieb served as an instructor at FAA from 2000 to March 2002. After studying and later teaching at two prominent Florentine ateliers for five years, the artist felt the need to leave the exacting influences inherent to the academic environment to focus on the development of a more personal style and vision. During this period, Gottlieb taught at a small school in Tuscany and tutored private students enrolled at ateliers in Florence. In 2002, the artist was chosen the first place winner of the Art Renewal Center (ARC) annual international scholarship competition and was awarded an "honorarium" which made possible his one-on-one study of advanced composition with painter Maureen Hyde in Tuscany during 2002/2003. Gottlieb returned to the US during summer, 2003. Adrian Gottlieb works directly from life. He welcomes portrait commissions including memorial portraits. Please contact the artist to discuss options. The artist hand-grinds his own pigments, prepares his own mediums and varnishes and canvas grounds. He uses the highest grade Belgian Linen; supporting a passionate interest in archival materials preparation.

Adrian Gottlieb's Works