Bamdad Rezvanian's Works


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Born in 1968, in Tehran, Iran.
Graduated in painting in B.A and M.A from Fine Art Faculty of University of Tehran. (The first grade of B.A entrance exam in 1989.)
Art instructor (drawing and painting) in Shafagh, Banoo and Melal Cultural Center and private courses of Alzahra University and Fine Art Faculty .
Lecturer in Alzahra Art University.
Participated in "Flower And Nature In Iranian Painters' Works" exhibition in Tehran International Fair in 1991, The Second Biennial Of Painting in Iran in Tehran Museum Of Contemporary Art in 1993.
Participated in individual exhibitions in Sabz, Shafagh, Atashzad (for 3 years) Kamal-e-din Behzad galleries in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 respectively and also helped a group exhibition in Kamal-e-din Behzad gallery in 2005 and participated in The First Iranian Contemporary Realism And Hyperrealism exhibition in Tehran in 2005.

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